The building industry currently consumes over 50 percent of the world’s natural resources and produces over 40 percent of the solid waste stream. How building projects are designed, constructed, and operated in today’s environmentally conscientious world, with its limited resources, is becoming more and more important. The emerging field of “green building” technologies and sustainable design is based upon the need to reduce human impacts on the environment.

Through the use of Modern Greenovate products our engineer and consultants are leaders in assessing the potential of your project to benefit from green building design and technology. Through detailed payback analysis and life-cycle costing of building products and mechanical equipment, we can evaluate and inform owners of opportunities available to them. Keeping owners aware of emerging technology and how it may benefit both operation and maintenance costs and improve the health and attitude of the inhabitants is something we pride ourselves on.

  • Makes efficient use of land, materials, energy, and water
  • Generates minimal or no waste
  • Provides a healthy indoor environment for its occupants
  • Restores, improves, or enhances the natural environment